Ray-Bar Engineering is the foremost leader in the design and manufacturing of x-ray protection and radiation shielding materials. For more than 70 years, we’ve been providing the medical healthcare industry with superior x-ray protection products, radiation shielding designs, systems, and materials.

Maintaining perhaps the largest inventory of shielding materials in the U.S. allows Ray-Bar to retain a continuing reputation of prompt deliveries for all our products domestically and globally.

Our extensive range of products complies with U.S. and international codes and specifications for construction, material life, safety, and radiation shielding, setting the bar for the industry’s standards and code compliance. Our products meet all the U.S. specifications, codes and standards including ASTM, ANSI, U.L. and all applicable NCRP reports; we are LEEDcompliant.


You are preparing for a trip, business or travel. You are thinking about taking medicine or medical equipment to protect yourself.

We will bring you a very useful and convenient product that is a personal medical bag, with a compact size, fresh color combined with thick fabric material, the product will be human. Your companionship, helping to store and store your medicines and medical supplies safely on every trip.

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